Coaching is a hugely valuable experience for artists and can help their professional development and career.  Unlike counselling, coaching is goal and solution driven; with the coach being more like a type of interactive mirror reflecting the client's words and thoughts back to them, enabling them to work through problems and come up with solutions.

Coaching is completely confidential.

Our Director is an accredited coach and we now offer every SILVER member 2 free hour long coaching sessions and every GOLD member 3 free hours of coaching as part of their membership.  All affiliates must have been a member for at least 3 months before they can arrange their coaching sessions.

To arrange your free sessions please email with "coaching" in the title.  Coachees will each be given a document to read explaining the process and asked to sign a simple contract.  Once you have completed your sessions you will be able to carry on with the coach at a discounted rate.